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Cellfire - Add Digital Coupons to Your Store Loyalty Cards

Cellfire – Digital & Printable Coupons

Cellfire is a coupon service that enables you to add digital coupons to your store loyalty cards. The digital coupons added are then redeemed at the store checkout and automatically deducted from your grocery bill once you swipe your loyalty card.

There are a wide array of stores that are compatible with Cellfire including, Safeway, Fry’s, Ralphs, Foodtown, Giant Eagle and Kroger. Select a store from the Cellfire app and start adding coupons to your store loyalty card. You will need to register your cards with Cellfire by adding the card number. Once you’ve added your store loyalty card you can start digitally clipping cards right away!

There are two ways to store Cellfire deals.

1. Add coupons to your store loyalty card.
2. Save non-grocery coupons (such as clothing apparel) to your phone.

Select your zip code in the Cellfire app and be directed to local deals. This is great for savings on the go when you’re already at the store you can check if there are any more deals on stuff you already buy or are thinking of purchasing.

You can access Cellfire through your computer, tablet or mobile. There is a Cellfire app available for Android and iPhone.

Written by Madeline Martin. Find me on Google+

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